We provide a beautiful sanctuary for over 45 animals who have been rescued from abuse, neglect, or harm.


We are busy creating Natural Habitats for our amazing friends the birds, worms, frogs, butterflies, and more.


We are building compost toilets, planting thousands of trees on the land, creating recycling systems.

Our Natural Ecology Education Programme is called Ahimsa, meaning Non violence. Ahimsa teaches you to develop self awareness through water, the land, nature, animals, and the environment.


Parvati, is our beautiful Vegan Catering Van. She feeds our local community free vegan food. Contact us to invite Parvati to your organisation, school, event?


Our Cruelty Free Products are a range of natural, ethically produced Vegan Products and part of our ekaH Brand. click on the button to go to our on line shop!


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